Thankful for pie

and cranberry sauce and cranberry bread. It’s a Cranberry Thanksgiving! (af)

We’re leaving tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, but I’m getting a head start on cooking, since we won’t to my mom’s until tomorrow mid-day, and there will be plenty to do.

We started our preparations, as we always do, by exploding cranberries. Honestly, I have no idea why people buy cranberry sauce in the can, when you can explode it in your own home. It takes 10 minutes, tastes a whole lot better, and exploding cranberries. This year’s demolition team:

Sure they won’t eat it this year, but baby steps. Exploding your food is the first step to trying new things.


I put the kids on apple slicing detail, since they still think it’s fun. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it’s no longer a game for them. Switch to canned apples? Heaven forfend.

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How many kids does it take to peel apples? Four, apparently.


The cranberry bread isn’t actually for our feast, but we always make the cranberry bread from the back of Cranberry Thanksgiving, and it will be a nice snack for our long drive.

Happy Thanksgiving preparations, everyone. And may all your pies turn out perfectly.


There is no such thing as too much pie.

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  2. […] It’s baking day! Pecan pie, apple pie, French Silk pie, and cranberry bread are on the agenda. We’ll also be participating in the greatest of all Thanksgiving traditions: exploding cranberries. […]

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