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Photo Spectacular



Ht: The Headmistress. Again.



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2 responses to “Photo Spectacular”

  1. Heidi Avatar


    Like your new picture on your blogspot–looks very picturesque! Reminds me of the frozen tundra of our family’s homeland…of course, I feel like North Texas is way too cold lately, so I have to get on the weather channel sight to look up the extended forcast back home to remind myself that this is warmer. Somehow, my blood has thinned out in the last 18 mos:-)


  2. April Avatar

    Thank ye kindly. I thought it was a touch “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” myself.

    You’ve become a weather wuss, but that’s okay. All MTG’s co-workers think he’s nuts because he’s still in short sleeves with no jacket. It’s gotta hit the teens for him to condescend to pull out a jacket, but he may wear long sleeves before then.

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