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Party like it’s 1773!

. . . to steal a phrase.

Note to self: when going to a photo-rific event, charge your batteries.

I got some great pictures, but my battery died before I got one of myself in my TANSTAAFL t-shirt. There were lots of people there, maybe a couple of thousand. We didn’t get there til almost 7 and several people were leaving, but it was still pretty packed.

It was a very orderly bunch, we’re such sedate protesters. This way, you can be properly guided by instructional materials viagra canada no prescription they offer. As nowadays, you can hardly find a physical store that is dealing cialis generico canada with herbs or herbal medications. What does it cheap cialis 5mg do? Sexual intercourse and the ability to please your partner requires you to have an erection. Doctors treat male impotence using psychotherapy, Clicking Here purchase levitra online in which case doctor performs the diagnosis to identify the extent of the problem in the victim. Lots of families and babies and

Some of my favorite signs:

You’ll note the preponderance of children. Hey, what can I say. They’re cute and clever.

This guy’s sign was oddly small for the sentiment.

This gentleman’s sign was very well done, readable and clever.

This person should invest in a sharpie, but I like the slogan.

The best of the “stop printing money” signs.

You’re not alone! Also, this family had some very yummy looking sandwiches. Homeschoolers are always prepared. (Except for me, I didn’t have my kids so I forgot to be prepared.)

Okay, this is my favorite.

So now that they’ve happened, and happened big, will the media acknowledge the Tea Parties?

UPDATE: local CBS station puts attendance at Dallas Tea Party at almost 4,000.
UPDATE 2: Current tally of the Tea Parties nationwide is over 300,000.

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