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Sometimes (usually) the cure is painful:

Much as it pains me, housing prices need to come down a lot more for the sake of the country. It’s not that the housing market has suddenly gotten sick and needs medicine. It was sick, and it’s getting better. Just like $4 gas, Pets.com and Jim Carrey’s career, we are undergoing a needed correction.

Don’t worry, folks, there’s plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

A very good, challenging article on anger:

Contrary to our subtle belief that anger is a display of strength, it is actually patience that is strong and anger that’s a sign of weakness. Instead of buying into cultural notions regarding the “virtue” of anger, we need to better understand a biblical view of anger.

And some helpful tools for memorizing scripture (to help you overcome your anger. Not that I know anyone who needs that. Stop looking at me.)

I’m flabbergasted. AP writes something worth reading.
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I like the red envelope day protest. It’s creative and not rude and should be a pretty stunning visual. However, I wonder if the President will even acknowledge it.

Spunky has encouragement on homeschooling and climbing Mt. Everest. I personally am climbing Mt. Poop.

So, it’s Lent. Boy did that sneak up on me. Looking for a Lenten devotion, I found this book too late to get for this year. This is where e-books come in handy. I’m familiar with the Advent version of this book, and I’d pay (some) money to download something like this. If anyone is looking for a lead-free business opportunity.

What did I find? Six weeks of simple devotions for younger kids. Homeschool Freebie of the Day has a nice Lenten Tree book with some pretty neat activities. (Free today only, although you can buy it.)

Happy (Solemn? Sacred?) Ash Wednesday, everyone.

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