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One month reassessment

I snagged this from the Facebook page of a friend who’s a teacher in public school. (Middle school math. Pray for her.) I think everyone — homeschool, public school, or private school — feels a little shell-shocked after the first month of school.one month in


We’ve been back to “the more structured daily lessons” grind for about a month. (Because we never completely stop our lessons and we don’t educate in a building called “school”, “back to school” isn’t accurate.) Anyway, it seems like a good time to look back and see if our schedules and routines and working well.

Except September decided to be atypical in almost every way.  I had two unexpected trips to my hometown, one in the middle of the week. We’ve had plumbing issues and electrical issues and vehicle issues. And we have an on-going health crisis with our cat that has sucked up an enormous amount of time and money. So the reassessment is a bit difficult to make, but I’ll take a crack at it:

Did we all survive? Yes.*

Are we more or less on track? Actually, yes, barring a couple of subjects that I’m completely re-evaluating.

Do I think the basic “bones” of our routine are working, despite the many interruptions? I think . . .  Maybe?

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I think the biggest thing I can learn from looking back at the first month is that we’re adapting well. And that’s more important than whether the initial plan worked or not, despite my hours of color-coding schedules. By May, I’m sure we’ll have it down pat.

How is your school year going? (Or whatever you call your particular educational model.)



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  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    Colin fully took ownership by 11th grade, same with Duncan and Katie. Ian..well, there is always one. But it was a gradual process full of three steps forward and two steps back. I was sure, numerous times with each of them that we would never ever get there. Hope that gives you some encouragement.

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