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On the Sixth Day of Christmas

I’m playing with my new mp3 player from my true love and watching Goonies, a gift from my sister. I was 9 when it came out and probably 11 or 12 when I first saw it. Such a silly movie, but lots of fun. I wonder what silliness my kiddos will enjoy?

We got a great deal on a 2 GB Sandisk player , $25 before Christmas. I’ve listened to Heroes of the Faith: Thomas Aquinas from Ligonier Ministries and caught up on the sermon we missed when we were at my parents. Oh yeah, and last weeks This American Life.

MTG has a lot of our music (all of our Phil Keaggy) converted to mp3s, so I’m transferring some of that, too.

I enjoy listening to the podcasts when I’m working alone, it makes it go faster. However, my main task this week is potty-training the Bulldozer. We’re spending “quality time” in the bathroom reading books, and drinking juice and playing with this stretchy dinosaur my sister got him for Christmas. A class of active ingredients called as PDE5 inhibitors are seen to be extensively and successfully clinically tested for being available to men for several years. cialis professional effects You may experience stress, anxiety and depression start working in his mind. cialis generic cipla Toxins would continue thriving in the blood and impure blood would play havoc in the body. viagra on line purchase Furthermore its additionally extremely essential cialis australia to know how to utilize the benefits of this medication. We’ve had “success” once. The problem is that because of his sensory problem, he doesn’t seem to experience the same sensations that the average person does. He doesn’t seem to notice (or at least he doesn’t mind) when he’s wet (or worse.) We’re doing lots of deep pressure massage other therapies to stimulate his sensory system. Fortunately, he loves books, so he’ll sit while we read. We just need some advancement on the biology part. I’ve “cleared my schedule” for potty-training. If it takes more than a week, then maybe we’ll move our homeschool to the bathroom, too.

Merry 6th Day of Christmas to you and your geese.

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