On the sixth day of Christmas…

So much better than geese a laying, geese a marching!

On the 4th day of Christmas, I got busy. On the fifth day of Christmas, I got sick. (I’m still feeling trop gross, but here I am.) Yesterday was also the anniversary of Texas becoming a state. You’re welcome, rest of America.

My big plans for today are to clean the kids rooms and I found this most excellent blog post for helping with that. The boys got Hot Wheels Race Tracks, so we have to move some old stuff out and make room for the new. I think the old wooden train has got to go. They never really got into it, and that train table takes up a big chuck of prime real estate.

As for my girls’ room. AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH! I think that about covers it. They have so much teensy, tiny stuff and like to keep EVERYTHING. Don’t even get me started about under their beds. I think I need to move them to a loft system. Somebody want to do that for me?

There are lots of good tips and ideas at the Organizing With Sandy blog. Unfortunately, neither magic elves nor build a pile and light a match are recommended. I’ll let you know which method I employ.

Merry Sixth Day of Christmas!

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4 responses to “On the sixth day of Christmas…”

  1. bteacher99 Avatar

    Jenny Erikson put her Elf-on-a-Shelf in her ice-skating boot. That’s the only elf I am aware of, but perhaps she’ll let you borrow him!

  2. Amy S. (@darkyetlovely) Avatar

    Invite the neighbor girls over to help clean. It’ll be lots of fun for the kiddos 😉

  3. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    You know my kids..the best way I have found to live with their rooms is close their doors. Once or twice a year I help them clean them top to bottom and try to organize. I have tried lofts, I have tried systems, I have tried shoving things into the closet to forget about, and I have tried open closets with shelves. Closed bedroom door, best answer. There is hope, I know have two that keep very clean rooms and one that occasionally needs to be reminded but he does it all by himself and one that, shhh…don’t say anything, I think has reached the magically age where she can do it by herself and is motivated to do it by herself with , like one of her brothers, an occasional reminder. When they were younger, I have been known to hire various slightly older girls to organize. It was worth $25 for a few hours of work on their part. But I would like an elf come come clean my house on a regular basis, so if you stumble upon one…

  4. April Avatar

    @bteacher99 Elf on a Shelf freaks me out. Creepy little freak.

    @Amy Ha! My people are easily distracted by other people. But also fairly easily motivated by cash and/or other reward. That or threaten to take away electronics privileges.

    @Cindy, that was my mom’s method, too! To a point. Right now both the boys and girls are transitioning to new activities and interests. But if I don’t MAKE them get rid of the old stuff, they’ll be like those hoarder people. And I just can’t live like that.

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