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Okay, now I’m freaked out

No, this has nothing to do with the Subway kerfuffle. This is what has freaked me out. Smart sharks. Smart Great White Sharks. Great.

The article explains that Great Whites rarely attack human. We’re aren’t their kind of food. So what’s the worry?

They’re “intelligent, highly inquisitive creatures.” Scientist Leonard Compagno explains, “They feed on large-brained social animals such as seals and dolphins, and to do this you have to operate on a level higher than a simple machine mentality of an ordinary fish.” Okay. No worries. We aren’t white shark food. Overall it remains beneficial for the body as well as to the penis while Shilajit reduces stress. viagra from india Many prescription medicines may lead to cause or worsen erectile viagra generika respitecaresa.org dysfunction. Its impact begins in 30 minutes to 1 hour before the sexual intercourse, better cialis soft generic effects are seen. When a man has finished sexual pharmacy viagra movement, blood stream to his penis. Shark attacks are on humans are rare. And I’m all for smart and inquisitive.

From the article:

Compagno says many “incidents” (a term he prefers to “attacks”) are “bite and release.” He thinks the shark is trying to get a better look at the strange creature in the water. . . . According to his records, over 80 percent of people supposedly attacked by great whites in the 1990s survived. “If the great whites really attacked the people listed on the file, hardly any would have survived,” says Compagno.

Okay, so they won’t eat us, but they’ll have a little chomp on us to satisfy their curiosity? This is an interesting development. Compagno reports, “I interviewed two divers here who were grabbed lightly by the hand by a white shark, towed a short distance and then released with minimal injury.”

That’s great, the great white pranksters of the sea.

It’s a very interesting article, well worth reading. But I’m only slightly comforted by the fact that a great white is more likely to bite me more out of curiosity than hunger.

2 responses to “Okay, now I’m freaked out”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Curiosity and aggression. I’ve also read that many attacks are more territorial. So they recognize us more as a threat or as competition than food. Great for us.

    You should see me take off after a sea lion. Poor sharks would never have a chance.

  2. April Avatar

    I can see that. What you lack in teeth, you make up in brains.

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