Oh, for cute!

So, I won an award on the bloggy carnival. (Yay, my team!) Gail at More than a Song gave away these two really cute crayon holders. They are very cute. But now I’m at a loss in how to distribute them among the munchkins. I was thinking to bring them out on the next road trip, one for the girls, one for the boys. But I don’t think that the boys will appreciate the cute or the cool of the groovy crayon carriers. And also the Gigglemeister would eat the crayons. So now I’m thinking Easter baskets.

Okay, honestly, I was wondering if I could somehow use them for myself. Nothing comes to mind, so I guess I’d better give them to my girls. Grumble, grumble.
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Thanks again, Gail!

One response to “Oh, for cute!”

  1. gail@more than a song Avatar
    gail@more than a song

    I’m glad you got them!

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