Not President’s Day

 George Washington birthday

Technically, this is not President’s Day. Oh, I know what the mattress and car sales pitches say, but officially the holiday is “George Washington’s Birthday.” But because it comes so soon after President Lincoln’s birthday, we’ve smooshed them together in our minds. Even more, we’ve added in all the presidents — some of whom don’t deserve their own hour, much less a whole day.

Actually, the observance of Washington’s birthday never falls on his actual birthday — February 22 in the new (Gregorian) calendar or February 11 on the old Julian calendar under which he was born. Because Congress passed a law making it fall on the 3rd Monday of February, Washington’s Birthday (observed) will always fall between February 15 and 21. If that’s not a metaphor for government work, I don’t know what is.

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However, if you want to be more indiscriminate in your presidential honoring, you can read a couple of posts of quotes from every president. You could also read the section of the Constitution describing the Office of the President. Notice it’s the second article, not the first. That honor goes to the legislative branch, although you’d never know that the founders wanted it to be primary by observing our current political system. Finally, here’s a list of biographies on every president. I may pick up my presidential bio project. I got a little discouraged after Van Buren and couldn’t find anything on Harrison. Our local library now has something on him. Woohoo! Party time! Of course, I am reading bios of all the presidents to the boys, but I’m not sure that quite counts.

Anyway, happy birthday (observed) Mr. President.

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