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None ya!

That is the delightful response I got from my dad whenever anyone would ask an impertinent question about something that was none of his business. I thought of that when I read this cringe-worthy post by the hilarious Jon Acuff on being single at Christmas. I want to say I can’t believe people really say this stuff, but that would be a lie.

People are, by and large, intrusive busy bodies. Moreover, we’re all experts about everything. Why should we care about the love life of an acquaintance? What does it matter to you what people choose to eat? And for the love of Pete, don’t get me started on educational choices. Even within homeschool circles (especially within homeschool circles), our personal choices, made for many varied and nuanced reasons, are fair game for the many experts on education, child development, family life, etc.

Of course, if you go seeking advice, then you shouldn’t be surprised to get it. We all are, as previously mentioned, experts in everything. Even if we have to Google it to find out exactly what it is we’re experts in, we’re happy to share our wisdom.
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Let’s do one another a favor and mind our own business this Christmas. If you’re really worried about someone, maybe you can pray. (But just pray. Don’t “share your prayer request” with people so you can gossip about your poor misguided friend. You aren’t fooling anyone.)

If your family and friends don’t read my blog (gasp!) and still insist on asking rude questions, I have the perfect tip for deflecting it. Or you could go with my dad’s method, and just tell them, “None ya!”

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