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When speak of forced or coerced abortion, most people think of China with it’s one-child policy and horrific human rights record in forcibly aborting and sterilizing women. However, coercive abortion happens here, too.  Either through direct force or non-physical pressure, 64% of women report some form of pressure to abort, with often devastating physical and emotional outcomes.

We can help women in these situations by passing laws against direct coercion, supporting pregnancy help centers that support women in difficult situations, and speaking out against coercion.

Jiah Khan, a young Indian-American actress who committed suicide after a coerced abortion.
Jiah Khan, a young Indian-American actress who committed suicide after a coerced abortion.


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In the contract, she is offered $25,000 to have the abortion. Other documents released include an abortion clinic questionnaire where Lopez indicated that her ambivalence about the abortion. The Los Angeles Clippers player denies that he fathered a child with Lopez.

Celebrities pressuring women to have abortions is not unknown. Sondra Locke accused Clint Eastwood of pressuring her to have two abortions and to be sterilized. Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, has admitted to pressuring his teen girlfriend, Julia Holcolm into aborting their child.

Read the rest at Between Errands on The Washington Times Community Pages

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