I’ve decided to bequeath my little ones with noms de (my) plume for the blog. It’s getting a little awkward typing out “my 7 year old daughter” every time I want to refer to the little nipper. That being said, I don’t want to use their real names. So, without further ado, the family:

My Techie Geek or MTG: my wonderful husband who is wicked smart when it comes to all things computer, and more importantly loves God and his family. He’s the best husband and father I know. Yeah, yeah, you think yours is best. Whatever.

Little Miss: my first born, currently seven, has never met a stranger. She’s the typical eldest, full of sunshine and a definite people person. She’s also the one who wants to make sure everyone follows the rules. If there are no rules, she’ll make some up.

Sprite: She’s currently 5. She’s quiet and shy, always thinking and analyzing. She’s my own little Pigpen, very much a get-her-hands-dirty, tear things apart, jump in with both feet and figure it out little girl.
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Bulldozer: After two girly-girls, I had a boys-boy. He’s a car/truck/tractor/train/plane/ space-ship loving, sound effect making, run wild and laugh like a maniac boy. He truly has an obsession with all things that go.

Gigglemeister: He’s a laughing, crawling, biting, grabbing, chewing, squealing, playing, cuddling, kissing, cat-obsessed 10 month old. More as he develops.
UPDATE: Gigglemeister is now Satchmo.

Oh yeah, and two psychotic cats. Not being too worried about their privacy, they are Herb (as in Herbicide the plant killer) and Keaggy. That was meant to be a tribute. I didn’t realize at the time, he’s one of the dumber animals on the planet. Sorry Phil.

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