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My precocious child

Because I’ve told this story twice in the past week and I’m too tired to blog anything that makes my brain work: a story about Sprite, my 8-year-old daughter. (That’s so you can skip this if you’d rather not read a mommy blogging post.)

Last fall, I was taking Sprite to something softball related and we started talking shark. She loves sharks and has for as long as I can remember. She’s read every children’s book our library has on sharks, and she can identify most sharks by sight and several by silhouette. She’s a total sharkophile.

If you are unfamiliar with children’s science books, almost every one ends with the obligatory “Save the _____ ” chapter: sharks, whales, ocelots, you name it. In the case of sharks, one of the issues brought up is the damage the consumption of shark-fin soup does to the shark population.

So Sprite and I are talking about this and she is very upset at the cretin’s who eat shark fin soup.  I’m trying to emphasize the need for wise stewardship and management of resources vs. “shark fin soup-eaters are bad people!” So we did that.

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Says I, “Sure you can, but you know it’s marine biologists who work with sharks.”
Sprite: “No, what Aunt Carrie is.” (My sister and her family are vegetarians.)
Me: “Oh, you mean vegetarian. Well, you know Sprite, that means no hamburgers.”
She: “I’ll be a vegetarian that has Steak Tuesdays.”

I think I can participate in that brand of vegetarianism.

One response to “My precocious child”

  1. Mary Avatar

    Love It. Love your family.

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