My growing garden wish list

First and foremost on my list is to extend our patio to the back gate. Of course, that’s not technically a garden, but it is an outdoor project. But after that, I have long wanted a rain barrel. Several actually. Five, to be exact. (Maybe six.)
These guys make it look easy:

They’re kind of ugly, though. There are some really beautiful rain barrels available, but they aren’t cheap. I’m a fan of this one, but I shall only admire it from afar. Or digitally. Whatever.

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Actually, the plain drums themselves aren’t cheap, especially if you want five (or six.) I’ve considered looking for used drums from construction sites and the like. But then you never know what they’ve held. I might end up with a glow in the dark lawn, and not in a good way.

If only I knew a cooper. Ah well.

What has been on your home-improvement wish list for a long time? What projects do you have planned this summer?

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