Making progress

We’re halfway through spring cleaning week (spring break is for the weak!), and we’ve made decent progress. Yesterday we worked in the garden. I didn’t tackle the disaster from the plumbing kerfuffle because I’m going to need some muscle in the form of MTG to handle the clay mess. Ugh, Texas clay, I loathe thee.

I did plant the other bed with lettuce and carrots. I’m hoping the combination of ollas, worm poop, and actual sunlight may result in food. The herb garden was doing well before it was sacrificed to the plumbing gods, so I’m hoping for similar results when it comes to more complicated life forms. I just hope my neighbors don’t get too upset that my front flower beds are being used for vegetables. Maybe I’ll give them some squash, assuming it actually grows this year.

Incidentally, I think the Crappy Pictures lady and I have the same garden. It’s war, I tell ya.

Today we did some homeschool/craft/office reorganization. Between that and Monday’s garage project, I’ve come across a lot of old homeschool curriculum that I need to get rid of. Hopefully, I can make some money from it. Lord knows I’ve spent a lot.
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For the next couple of days, we paint. The girls’ bright pink and purple that we went with seven years ago is being mellowed into a nice blue called “refreshing pool.” My brown living room is going to be bluish/greenish color called “valley mist.” I say a couple of days, but we may be going through the weekend. Our living area is an “open floor plan,” which means it’s all or nothing. Which is why it’s taken 7 years to ditch the brown.

paint blobs
We decided to go with the blob on the right, even thought the name of the right paint is April Mist, which I think you’ll agree is a far superior name.

I think I’m going to need a break from our spring break.

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  1. Mary Holley Avatar
    Mary Holley

    Way to go Thompson family!

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