Look at the pretty children!

Renee at Life Nurturing Education has this weeks Carnival of Homeschooling. Lots of great posts, PLUS great pictures of her summer. Her kids are so dang cute! There are lots of great posts, but here are a few that struck my fancy. My fancy, being a lady, did not strike back.

The Rebellious Pastor’s Wife beautifully communicates why some of homeschool because of socialization. I think I threw a couple of “Amens” and “Preach it sisters!” while I read. In this article, we would suggest you the required dose. viagra samples for sale It will likely be great to your body after around 60 minutes, which implies that you’ll have the capacity to accomplish a harder erection as a consequence of normal sexual enthusiasm for an exceedingly little measure viagra italy of time. Make sure you do not skip any of the above mentioned conditions. price levitra The name generic levitra usa , levitra certainly has ever heard of the word brutiful. It scared the cats, but felt good.

Nancy at Sage Parnassus has an interesting post on Charlotte Mason and her radical notion of children being born persons. Revolutionary! The more I read of her, the more Charlotte Mason-y I get.

We are well-established lover’s of Ancient Egypt, so this post at A Pilgrim’s Heart about their Egyptian Day was very exciting. It’s definitely an idea I’ll bring out when we are studying Ancient Egypt next year.

There’s tons more at the carnival, so get thee hence. And admire the cute kiddies while you’re there.

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