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Lies and consequences

Some of the biggest lies our culture tells are about beauty and sex.

“This is beauty!” (scantily clad women at that link)  And then we wonder why almost no woman believes she is beautiful, why body issues are rampant.  Anorexia, bulimia, and injecting various chemicals and viruses in our faces.  What the hell, ladies? They’re lying to you; it’s not real, and nothing you will do will make you look like a photoshopped version of a woman who already spends more time and energy on her looks than any normal woman can afford.  It’s a lie. Stop believing it.

And gentlemen. Oh, boy, have you been fooled.  Everyone– male and female– should watch this.

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“Why do you hate sex, prude?” Porn is not sex. Porn is a lie and a destructive lie at that. We keep talking about a war on boys, about the fact that boys suffer more from maladies like attention-deficit disorder.  As the mother of boys, it seems like this is a really important battle in the war on boys — perhaps more so than any other.

And it’s not just men who believe this lie, more and more women are becoming addicted to internet porn.  Women who will believe the lie that porn is “normal sex” just as they’ve bought the lie that the photoshopped magazine cover is “real beauty.”

We buy counterfeit beauty and counterfeit sex, and we assume that it has no consequences?  When we believe lies about who we are and how we engage with one another, it’s going to affect who we are and how we engage with one another. It’s not harmless; it’s insidious.  Lies have consequences, always. What are the consequence in your life?

3 responses to “Lies and consequences”

  1. carrie Avatar

    Amen! I always say that we women would have more power if we were more concerned with our hearts, our heads, and the people around us than the size of our rears. Spending years hating my body and believing the lie that I wasn’t worth much because I hadn’t achieved perfection like the ladies on the magazines has left wounds that never seem to completely heal. I am I strong? Most certainly! Do I do what I can to remember, remind, and teach others about the lies of unrealistic images? Yes, as often as I can! Do I occasionally let myself fall into a negative spiral of self-hate because of a few pounds? You bet and it detracts from the quality of my life…alot. I want more for my daughter and my nieces and nephews. It’s much easier to prevent disease than it is to recover from it. So, game plan?

    1. April Avatar

      Game plan? I have to have a game plan? Ok, inspire our kids to the greatness in them, point out the dangers and equip them to handle them. And start recognizing and pointing out the lie everywhere we see it. It’s not toothless. We wouldn’t be nonchalant about a rattle snake living in the garage, we have to be on guard against this deception in our every day life.

    2. April Avatar

      I also thought about taking a sharpie and writing “LIES” across every fashion magazine I see, but petty vandalism isn’t the answer. Unfortunately.

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