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Let the cats speak

Yesterday I highlighted dogs, who are worthy of such attention. However, I don’t want to neglect our feline friends, lest Keaggy eat my face off in my sleep.

Keaggy, who has always been off, has become increasingly less stable since his brother’s death this summer.  He has become more outgoing, though. He’ll come out and seek our attention, although he still shuns strangers.  Previously, he only really interacted with me and Herb. Unfortunately, Herb failed to teach Keaggy how to do the “make the bed” dance. Herb was an expert at moving around the bed so that I could make it. Keaggy won’t move, gets covered with the sheet, freaks out and jumps off the bed where he walks around in circles until I’m done. Trying to relocate him to a safe place on the bed doesn’t work, either. Because he is that dumb. But I love my poor, dumb cat.


cat hamster

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Lest you think cats are all evil, the kitten the saves his master from certain death!

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