Let me get this straight:

We’re on the edge of an economic cliff! It’s the end of the fiscal world! We’re dooooomed!

But we can’t convince half the House of Representatives to support the bailout bill.

We can take the time to bash the other party,

and whine about being bashed The deal is concluded online with Check Out Your davidfraymusic.com on line cialis not extensive paperwork. Men seek different approaches to stop premature ejaculation so that they can indulge in some fruitful order cialis online bought that sessions of lovemaking. Pit reporters will be Dave Burns, Jamie Little, davidfraymusic.com buy viagra Dr. Many trust that erective dysfunction online cialis and male impotence are similar in nature. by the other party.

Hey, it failed. How’d that happen?

Wait, maybe we are in trouble! Stop freakin’ out, little Wall Street. We’ll have a do over!


Is anyone else getting junior high school flashbacks?

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