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Lenten Devotions, Part 1

This year, I participated in a Lenten Tree ornament swap organized by a very impressive friend.  The book I’m using is Lenten Tree by Dean Meador Smith. Some of my friends asked me to post the ornaments and I’ll also post links to songs suggested in the devotions.  My plan is to do 4 posts of  10 or 11 days. Not just because that spreads it out to four blog posts for my blogging every day in March goal. (Okay, mainly because of that.)

So, these are the ornaments for the first five days:

1st day. a heart; 2nd day, stones in the wilderness; 3rd day, fig leaf; 4th day, a baby; 5th day, seeds

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On day one, our group decided to do a crystal heart for an ornament, since the verse is “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Ps. 51:10

These are the ornaments for days 6 through 10:

6th day-lamb; 7th day-hyssop branch; 8th day-The Ark of The Covenant; 9th day-water; 10th day-manna/bread of life

The Ark of the Covenant is freakishly detailed and more than a little intimidating.

This is a close up of the contents of The Ark of the Covenant.

I think the ornament I assumed was a hyssop branch is actually supposed to represent the palm branch, and I either lost the hyssop or never got it. (UPDATE: I didn’t get the hyssop, so I’ll update the photo when I receive that ornament.) I know for a fact I lost my little bitty water glass. Just now. Somewhere on the couch. Or the dog ate it.

Following are the songs suggested in the book.  You may want to use other songs, particularly songs that your children sing in church regularly. We’ll probably do a combination from the suggestions and songs from our church.  I would suggest you have a “song book” for each family member–readers and non-readers. We use simple color folders, and each family member has his own color so the little guys can pass it out.  I HIGHLY recommend preparing this ahead of time. (This would be my “6:45 am song scramble” experience talking.)

Note the “music” link will go to a youtube version of the song. I tried to pick a version that illustrated how it is to be sung, rather than the best artistic example. The video will auto-play.  You can find links to the sheet music on many of the lyric pages.

The songs suggested in the book are:

Over the next week, I’ll post the rest of the ornaments and music. I’ll also probably post links to the songs we’re using as substitutes.  Suggest your favorite hymn or praise songs in the comments.

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