Lazy days of watching movies

Are you having a busy summer? Well, stop it! This years theme is lazy days of being a bum.  For example, don’t you want to spend your summer weekday mornings watching kids movies? Sure you do.

Lots of theaters offer summer movie programs for kids with discounted or even free admissions.  Generally they show movies at least a couple of years old and sometimes they have deals on snacks.  I’ve rounded up those I can find, but theaters are really local (I didn’t realize just how local until I started researching this post). I know I missed some, so check the website if your local theater isn’t on this list. Unless your local theater is AMC, because they don’t do that anymore.  But since they do Sensory Friendly Screenings, they get a pass.

Most of these are Tuesday, Wednesday, and or Thursdays.  Everybody hates Mondays.

Carmike Cinemas (none here, bummer.) $2 gets you a drink, popcorn and admission. Sweet!

Harkins Theaters.  They do a season pass thing, but you can also get tickets at the door.

Regal Theaters summer program offers $1 tickets.

Malco Theaters offer $2 tickets.

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Marcus Theaters offers $2 tickets on selected movies Tuesday – Thursday.

Muvico Theaters offers free admission.

Showcase Cinemas offers FREE admissions for kids…. if you do a book report. (TANSTAAFL) (Parents and kids under 6 do not need to submit a book report, if they come with a book report submitting kid.)

Marquee Cinemas offers free movies. No strings. Hey! Is TANSTAAFL wrong? Gasp! I may have to rethink my entire outlook on life.

Cinemark (finally a theater in my neck of the woods) offers season passes–10 movies for $5–or $1 for each.

Happy watching!

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