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This is my 500th post since the Great Blog Project began last year. On one hand, 500 days in a row is pretty impressive for a casual blogger. (i.e. someone with a small audience and who doesn’t make money from the effort.) On the other hand, that’s just a few months past a year; not a huge time in the scheme of things and certainly not long compared to some bloggers who’ve blogged every day for years. (Althouse and Challies come to mind.)

I hate to think when it’s hot. That’s one reason we don’t return to full school mode until September. So during the random scheduled and overly warm summer, I have no new big goals or plans.  (Does a minimum of two days a week at the pool constitute a plan? What about finding all the library books?) I am looking at a couple of things to improve my blogging like the HEDUA free blogging course, among other things. (Suggestions welcomed!)

Of course, the biggest challenge to my blogging is my life. I’ll have a *gulp* high school kid next year with two “off-campus” classes (read: classes at a local private school). The other kiddos will be participating in a co-op where I’ll be teaching. And of course, the extracurricular activities like sports. And this is why we have the rule one activity per child at a time.

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That brings back memories. Awkward, junior high school memories. Good times! See you in another 500 days! Or hopefully, tomorrow.

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