It’s all very exciting!

I signed up on Twitter. I know. Renae made me. Man, homeschool mom’s are the worst at peer pressure. Okay, I mainly did it so I could take part in the Heart of the Matter homeschool chat.

I have noticed that Twitter is very happy and excited about life. For example, their email subjects read: “Renae is following you on Twitter!”

Okay! Thanks!

Then, the email is signed, “Best, Twitter.”

Well, “Twitter,” if that is your real name, best to you, too.

Twitter, it sounds like little girls planning a tea party, twittering and giggling. And tweeting. A number of online pharmacies offer counterfeit drugs that aren’t just a cheap imitation of the order levitra online seanamic.com original drug, they are harmful as well. Perhaps you may ask exactly seanamic.com levitra 40 mg what are the reasons, causes that lead men to encounter issues during sex? Well, there are numerous concerns that may very well be too very much to get a daughter’s or son’s inadequate neural the field of biology. Play your preferred sports activity, take a yoga class purchase generic cialis or have a body massage. The regular massage of the genital organ with this oil to get stronger overnight cialis soft and bigger erections. Don’t forget tweeting. I don’t know if this is gonna work. I can’t handle unbridled cheer for very long without wanting to smack someone.

This, however, cracks me up. (And no, it isn’t real. But it is funny!) Dang. Exclamation mark. Twitter is rubbing off.

4 responses to “It’s all very exciting!”

  1. Renae Avatar

    See, that’s why we need you. You’ll keep us grounded.

    And I had no idea I had the power to take over your free will. You might want to hold onto that. I really don’t want to be a king. 😉

    Oh, and you can turn those email notices off. I do. And since you’re obeying me, you’d better. Mwhahaha!

  2. April Avatar

    We ascribe others power over us when we don’t want to own our decisions. Sounds profound, huh?

    I did turn off my notices, thank you puppetmaster.

  3. Anne Avatar

    I tried to find you on twitter but I can’t. I’m palmtreepundit.

  4. April Avatar

    Figures I would be untweetable. My request to follow you is pending.

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