There are a handful of people in all of human history that are truly irreplaceable, that without them things most likely would have gone horribly, tragically wrong.  Odds are you aren’t one of those people.  You, while no doubt competent and wonderful, are not irreplaceable.

The only place you are irreplaceable is in the life of your child.

Your child needs you to read him bedtime stories.

Your child needs you to rub her back while she pours out her heart about mean girls and big dreams.

Your child needs you to explain for the umpteenth time why.
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Your child need you to be the loudest voice in the stands when he finally (FINALLY) gets his first hit. Or his 101st hit.

Your child needs you to say, “Yes, you must eat your vegetables, chew with their mouth closed, and then what happened” at the dinner table.

You are irreplaceable.

And so is your child.

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