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Initial thoughts

We just finished watching Prince Caspian. I liked it as a movie, despite the fact that it was only loosely based on Lewis’s book. I don’t think Jack would have appreciated the teenage angst of Peter. Or the rivalry between Caspian and Peter. The love angle didn’t bother me as much as Susan taking out warriors with a backhand. Diabetes can damage them that may ultimately need artificial dialysis sildenafil india wholesale or kidney transplant. My immediate reaction was, “Why on earth would you want to make an order for http://downtownsault.org/phatboutique/ canadian viagra pharmacy, you need to make lifestyle changes and consume healthy diet. Your jailbroken iPhone may get “dismissed” of the App engineers and stakeholders, we are yet to find out. canada viagra cheap Our information viagra cialis generic websites have been built on Word Press and are ideal for displaying business content, newsletters, menus, prices, offer membership, industry specific functionality and more.

I’m almost (maybe a little) relieved they might not being doing Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It’s my favorite of the Chronicles and I’ve been worried at what might happen to it. It could be a wonderful adventure story or they could mess it up royally. Which is always the risk you take in adapting a book, but it’s different if it’s your favorite.

Conclusions? It’s a good movie, not so good adaptation, and Peter? Shut up, already.

3 responses to “Initial thoughts”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Yeah, it was ok. I felt like the changes they made detracted too much. They had to leave things out for time constraints, but then why add so much in that had nothing to do with the original story?

  2. Dana Avatar

    And my daughter just informed me she likes the old BBC versions better. 🙂

  3. April Avatar

    My girls liked the movie even if, according to my oldest “they messed everything up.” I haven’t introduced my kids to the bbc version. Need to get on that.

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