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Today, our daughters get smartphones. Or smartish phones. While we’re not quite Amish, we tend to be late adopters when it comes to technology and our kids. Of course, compared to some of our friends, we’re cutting edge. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

We’ve drawn up a contract using this ladies work of art as a guide. We’ve had lots of discussions. We’ll probably have more discussions. There will probably be a couple of fights, confiscations, reworking of the agreement, etc. So far it’s just a phone, not social media. I’m still very wary of social media for teens, primarily because I’m friends with some teens on Facebook and Twitter, and bless their hearts they can do some dumb things.

For a lot of reasons, I think this will be a good thing — not the least of which is that Cozi and other household/school management apps will be easier if they have smartphones. And I want them to mess up while we can help them right the ship. But I also know that kids don’t always have the judgement skills that keeps them from making the outstandingly stupid decisions that can ruin their whole lives. So handing them a smartphone is a little like handing them a loaded gun. They are smart and wise for their age, but their age isn’t all that wise to begin with.
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Hoo boy. This is gonna be fun.
brace yourselves
If you have kids, when did you give them/plan to give them smartphones? When did you get your first smartphone?

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  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    All my kids have had phones for 4 years. Mainly because of my ex-husband demanding it and me needing to work and be in touch with them. We have had some confiscations but none of the issues that many friends parents have had, mainly because my kids have other issues to work through and less room to mess up on social media because of my circumstances.

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