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I’m feeling crotchety, and a blog carnival

The Sprite and I were taking a walk at the local nature preserve, chatting about life in a mother daughter way. Whilst we wandered, we heard a rustle in the bushes. It was a GINORMOUS SNAKE! It was fairly thick, maybe 3 inches in diameter and long, maybe about 5 feet. Note: I did not scream. Nor did I slow down and use the experience for a teachable moment. “Hey sweetie, pull out the field guide, let’s identify that sucker!” We walked briskley past, noting the coloring and the direction of movement (away from us), while we beat a hasty retreat.

(It was a kingsnake, completely harmless. Unless you’re a mouse. Snakes not behind glass just give me the wiggins.)

Speaking of field guides, Dana has the Field Guide to Homeschoolers at Principled Discovery. Some highlights from the guide:

Dana’s Science Mouse (non-kingsnake-edible) has a post on The Great American Backyard Campout. I think we’ll do that. Do you think you have to be a great American to campout. What if you’re only a pretty good American? How do they check?

Beverly About Homeschooling has information on another summer reading program. So far, we’re signed up for our local library program and have participated in Half Price Books’ zombie sounding program. Oh, wait. It’s Feed Your Brain, not Feed You Brains. We’ll probably do Barnes & Nobles program. What else is out there?

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Ahem, A Day in the Life has a side-by-side comparison of Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight. (Filing that away for future use.)

. . . and lot’s of other good stuff.

But wait, there’s more. It’s also the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival time at Barefoot Voyage. She’s got a pretty blog header, click on over. Wait! When your done here!

So impatient. Ya know, this is what’s wrong with the world today. Rush, rush, rush. Too busy to stop and think for a minute. Also, get off my lawn!

I was saying, some highlights from the beautiful blog:

I found this post encouraging and educational as we look to “start schooling” (whatever) the Bulldozer.

I love the peacefulness and organic learning of Charlotte Mason. I think this post on narration encompasses some of that quality.

This beautiful bit of encouragement and wisdom from Renae blessed me.

Back over at the beautiful blog, “picture talk” is explained.

Despite my snake encounter, I do think nature study is important. This post explains it is particularly important for Christians.

I really want to make our backyard a wildlife habitat, but it will never be as beautiful as Barb’s.

Finally, I love this post for the first sentence.

Go on, you can leave now. Have some gum.

2 responses to “I’m feeling crotchety, and a blog carnival”

  1. Dana Avatar

    You've got your own carnival going on over here!

    Snakes…I like them from a distance. My husband, however, is proof that homeschooling changes the whole family. He is terrified of snakes. And spiders. He used to scream, running out of the room demanding that I "take care of it" whenever he saw one.

    At any rate, terrified of snakes and all, a few days ago he got the net and caught a garter snake he found while moving logs. He didn't run screaming and bashing it on the head. No…he went and got the kids. Then the kids at the playground. He showed that thing off to the whole town, just about!

  2. April Avatar

    Yeah, I always seem to go overboard with my carnival "highlights." That's cool about your hubby. I'm much better about squishy, squirmy things, too. I even chased down a frog while 7 months pregnant. But I'm not at the snake level yet.

    Great carnival, btw. You rock.

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