I’m a mom, I’m kind of a big deal

So said Kat Lee at the early workshops of the Mom Heart Conference. And she’s right.   I spent the last two days receiving much wisdom and encouragement about the truth of that statement.

The “big thing” that I got from the conference actually ties into some thoughts I’ve been thinking on culture and creating culture, so I’m going to hobble those thoughts together later.  For now, since I’m unbelievably tired and have caught the cooties, here are some of the quotes and ideas from the conference.

Quotes from the great Clay Clarkson:

“When we like something, we want everyone to like it. Our conviction can turn to legalism.”

“I don’t need a formula to raise my children by faith.”

And by the wise and wonderful Sally Clarkson, from her various sessions:

“The student will be like the master. Your children will be like you. Your heart is what your children will draw from.”

“God gave you children so that you can practice being holy.”

” Sometimes people discipline for the wrong reasons. Sometimes YOU need to be spanked.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Why don’t we apply this to parenting?”

“If you have a big view of God, you will be changing the world.”

“Motherhood isn’t ‘just a choice,’ it is holy work, and God is asking you to raise your children to his glory.”

“God gives us a story to live for his glory. We are to live that when we die, we leave more light than dark.”

“In the absence of biblical convictions, you will go the way of culture.” Amen, sister, PREACH!

“Character doesn’t just happen, you have to decide.”

“How you are loving is a measure of how you are influencing your children.”

“If I don’t have integrity in my home, then I don’t have integrity.”

“Story is what Jesus used to capture hearts.” (This is one of the things that caught my imagination about the whole culture discussion.)

“The home is the place that cultivates excellence.”

“You don’t take the storms of life away from your children. You walk through the storms with them.”

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Sarah Clarkson, who is most definitely Sally Clarkson’s daughter, presented perhaps my favorite session, “The Journey of Faithfulness: Becoming Chosen.”:

“We don’t have the option of being mediocre; we are called to be heroes and heroines.”

“We all want to be part of a great story. Being story-formed: aware that you can choose and that choices have consequences.”

“You can’t live a heroic story of God if you are always wondering if God is good or not. You have to settle in your heart that you don’t doubt God’s goodness if you’re going to move forward.”

“The importance of stillness: We see all of life & goodness in terms of action. We’ve become blind & deaf to God’s presence.”

“The heart of redemption: take what is dark and bring the light of God into it. You present a picture of God to your children.”

Kat Lee, who writes the blog Inspired to Action and who inspired the post title and gave a wonderful workshop called “The Power of a Purposeful Mother:

“When you take the time to plan, you go a whole lot farther than when you wing it.”

“There’s no manual to raising your kids. If you want to be an expert on your kids, go to the One who created them.”

“We need to have our children’s hearts, and the only one who has the password to their heart is God.”

For more about who Kat Lee is, go here and watch her “My Story” video. With tissues.

The hilarious and delightful Sarah Mae, who co-wrote the book Desperate with Sally Clarkson, spoke on “Motherhood Unchained: How Freedom Makes Us Better Moms”:

Quoting Chuck Swindoll, “We learn not to be free.”

“It’s not ‘saved by grace, but [laundry list of requirements];’ it’s ‘saved by grace so [you can do what Jesus calls you to.]”

“We can’t be lost if we’re with God because God cannot be lost.”

“Plato said ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is facing a hard battle.’ Even your kids and other mothers.”

It was a wonderful weekend spent with sweet women of God.  I also got to meet the double of a woman I’m sure I had no equal on this earth, and listening to them reliving their crazy college years had me roaring with laughter.  I loved hearing from the Clarkson children — now eloquent and charming adults.  It’s always nice to see someone who has walked the homeschool path and emerged victoriously.

I hope you enjoy the wisdom herein. Unfortunately, in addition to wisdom, books, and a full heart, I came home with the cooties. So I’m going to nurse my sore throat so I can be a big deal tomorrow.

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