I’d like to thank the Academy

Dana at Principled Discovery has awarded me the Blogger Reflection Award at her super elite virtual Blogger Award Banquet. I’m very honored and not quite sure how I scored an invite. I hope I reflect more than I pop off. I know IRL, I’m prone to the latter.

Right now, I’m not being very reflective on the culture at large. I’m reflecting on getting my educational act together. I’m also reflecting on creating a more peaceful home. So completely avoid those products including the widely popular Kamagra oral jelly are produced by Ajanta Pharma of India. viagra 25mg If you are buying online, select a reliable online pharmacy store that has the accreditation to sell FDA-approved drugs only. viagra no prescription Smokers are insulin resistant, exhibit several generic viagra pills aspects of the males & during such disorders; there is fundamental functioning of the PDE5 enzymes casting their adverse spell on the flow of the blood vessels into the male reproductive organ, which makes the male reproductive organ hard. Round of the clock directing administrations are accommodated the patients so that appropriate direction will be given for the shop viagra online patients with fixation and numerous different issue. I’m reflecting on the deliberateness of my life, or lack thereof. I’m reflecting that aspects of the wider culture, specifically consumerism and materialism, are steering our family culture into places we don’t want to go. I’m reflecting on the why and the how of our home school. I keep hearing “you ought” and “you should” and I ask, “why?” So far, I’ve found no compelling answers, so maybe I ought not and shouldn’t. I think these are good reflections: good places to start. Where I’ll land, I don’t know.

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