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I want to be a homebody!

I’m working out our schedule with therapy and extracurriculars. Until this year, our homeschooling has been very heavy on the home. We skipped co-op last year, had piano and Girl Scout and a short ice skating session. But this year. . . Yikes.

Right now, the only days we’ll be staying home is Mondays and every other Wednesday–if we get the therapy schedule I want. Otherwise it’s go-go-go all the days. I don’t wanna go! Wah. We’ve got Girl Scouts every other Wednesday. Co-op and piano (all in the same local) are on Fridays. Dance is on Thursday and hopefully we’ll have speech Tuesday/Thursday and OT Tuesday.

You may say, “Well crazy lady, if you don’t like it, drop something.” Unfortunately for me, this is the best schedule to meet some medical needs. Dance is necessary right now because the Little Miss has been having some pain in her legs and toe walking some. One may be more socialy acceptable than the other, but they both have devastating effects on your erection process without much cialis overnight shipping strain. The installation of the HVAC system is highly essential to an improved indoor air quality and thermal comfort to any household or commercial space. online levitra canada Common Reasons and Solutions of Male Erectile Dysfunction Following are few suggested treatments usa generic viagra and, erectile dysfunction remedies: Drug Therapy. It is said that erectile dysfunction mainly is said to be a viagra without prescription dangerous disorder. The surgeon suggested exercise like gymnastic or dance rather than therapy. My little Sprite has been begging for dance lessons forever, so we’re going with dance.

I don’t know how long Bulldozer’s therapy sessions will continue. He’s been making great progress and neither therapist sees this as an open ended treatment plan. But I know he still has several months to go. When we’re done with therapy, my running will be cut by more than half.

One thing I do know is that I have to be much more organized this year than I was last year. At one point, I was almost compulsively organized and planned. So much so that I told my swiftly coming first soon-to-be-born that she couldn’t come three weeks early because it wasn’t in my planner. The little snot did not mind her momma. And that was the beginning of the end of my planning days.

I’m optimistically thinking I can make all the extra car time work for us by getting their independent work done whilst touring the countryside. (BTW the countryside needs more trees and less concrete.) I keep reminding myself that it’s just the season we’re in now. Last year was the season of the hermit, this year is the season off the anti-hermit. Incidentally, dictionary.com doesn’t list any antonyms for hermit, but does note that an obsolete definition of hermit is beadsman. File that factoid away for your next cocktail party.

3 responses to “I want to be a homebody!”

  1. Melissa Wiley Avatar
    Melissa Wiley

    Oh, I can so, so, so relate. Our schedule last year was way too heavy on the out-of-the-house stuff, between my older kids' activities (not an overload, but good stuff they love) and my 4yo's therapy & medical appts. I'm hoping for a lighter load this year, especially with a new baby arriving!

    But it's hard, isn't it, to keep it all in balance? Meeting the kids' needs AND protecting that sacred home time?

    Like you, I tried to make car time good time. Books on tape, our Latin vocab on CD, good music for singing along, car games, etc. For me I found the most important thing was allowing enough "margin time" for getting out of the house and into the car. I'm so apt to become Frankenmommy when we're scrambling at the last minute to find shoes and get ready to go…but it always comes back to me and how much time I allowed for the process.

    Good luck with all your endeavors this year! The dance decision sounds like a great option, more fun than PT. 🙂

  2. April Avatar

    Ah, the Frankenmommy, I know her well. I firmly believe shoes, at least matching, one left/one right are thoroughly overrated.

  3. Renae Avatar

    I fight against this so much. We have managed to keep outside activities to a minimum. At least, there’s nothing we are committed to every week other than piano. I know it will change as the kids grow older, so I’m going to squeeze them close while I can.

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