I may be a serial killer UPDATED

Last September, I was innocently driving my van when a tree jumped out of the woods and attack, crushing it dead. It was, for the record, the most frightening experience of my entire life. The tree hit just behind my head, where the Bulldozer–then 1 1/2–would have been had he been with me. It was very loud and very surprising. Thank God none of the children were in the van. I got to stand in the rain for 15 minutes (being 7 months pregnant and in sandals) until the police officers decided that they didn’t need my information after all. I guess since they couldn’t ticket the tree, they didn’t care. My poor van.

Tonight, I was on my way to Care Group when our new (old, still not paid for) mini-van squealed, seized and burned. (And by burned, I smelled a burnt rubber odor and a wee bit of smoke came from the engine, not that anything was actually on fire.) I think a belt broke. One should make sure that they should be examined for cardiac problems. cialis pharmacy The reason of their disappointment is coupled with a muscular anabolic canada cialis online effect. In this manner, the male can delight in a more drawn out more pleasurable and prescription female viagra certain experience. What are the key ingredients in Musli Strong capsules, india cheapest tadalafil improve strength, stamina and power. Hopefully, this isn’t serious. First, because we really need this vehicle and we really don’t have the extra cash for major repairs. And second, because I’d hate to think that I’m a mini-van killer.

Did I mention our second vehicle–a Toyota Tacoma truck–needs a new battery? Also, my husband is leaving on a week long business trip in a few days? And we’re out of milk and coffee? Do I sound a smidge desperate? I’m not. Really, it will work out. God will provide. He always has. It’s the meantime that gets me. Breathing in, breathing out. ACK!

UPDATE: My husband, who is knowledgeable about cars and computers, says, “It’s the something, something pulley something not the a major system thing, cheap and easy to fix thing.” So I am not a van killer, but I still wouldn’t lend me a van if I asked.

4 responses to “I may be a serial killer UPDATED”

  1. Renae Avatar

    My husband is the car killer in this family, but he does it big.

    One night our little Hyundai burst into flames in the garage! Thankfully we saw the blast and got the car out before it burned anything else.

  2. April Avatar

    Yikes, Renae! I’m glad it didn’t take out the house. The tree falling on me was pretty intense. It sounded like an explosion. Technically, though, the car was still driveable.

  3. Dana Avatar

    Oh, April…I am so glad you are ok. And I’m not giving either of you the keys to my car, just for the record.

  4. April Avatar

    You are very wise, Dana. I wouldn’t give me my keys either, bu I can’t seem to keep them from myself.

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