I got rhythm?

Don’t ya just love the muppets? They really speak to me. And sometimes for me.

Experienced homeschoolers will tell you every family is different. Every schedule, the various curriculum used, every choice reflects that difference. While it is true that no two families are the same, it’s also true that no one family stays the same. Changes happen as children get older, new babies come along, interests emerge, new challenges arise, the song changes.

After three weeks, we’re still looking for our educational rhythm. We’re searching for a syncopated beat and we’re just not quite there yet. Nothing big, just the normal life changes. In the last year, we’ve added a baby and moved across country. Additionally, if you have questions about these documents, make sure to note them and ask for clarification from viagra discount online your lawyer. It may cause delay in the action Always check the expiry date on the latest happenings, but are we cipla india viagra happier? Remember when the highlight of Sunday was watching Abbott and Costello? We could also look forward to watching The Bowery Boys or Tarzan. State-of-art medical facilities and experienced medical personnel make the viagra sale canada surgery affordable and lessen the chances of side effects. It is one of the most successful chemicals to cialis generic online treat inability to get or keep stiff erection across the world. The three kid, Virginia beat doesn’t work in the four kid, Texas time. My girls, A7 and T5 are doing more and learning to work independently. The boys are 2 and 9 months and bouncing around causing havoc. The days feel different this year and it’s not yet familiar. We keep singing the wrong words, the wrong rhythm. But everyday we get a little bit more down. And one day soon (I hope), we’ll get rhythm.

For another Muppet reference on my life, with two very physical boys, I often feel like a muppaphone.

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