How does my garden grow?

It does! It does grow! I’m so excited I could squeal. (Confession, I did squeal.)

It’s not 100%, and I’m still having difficulty with a bed not pictured (which may end up with a bunch of annuals plopped in there, just to avoid the sad stretch of dirt.) But for the first time since moving here, I have a garden that’s producing.

garden 1

Within the next week, we’ll be eating cherry tomatoes. MTG has already had the first pepper of the season. I forgot to ask him how it was. The other tomatoes are coming along, and I have great hopes for homemade salsa. I even have my own cilantro.

garden 2

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garden 4

And someday this summer, good Lord willing and the bugs don’t eat it, we’ll have peppers, both sweet and hot, okra, beans, squash, and watermelon SQUEE! (We’re having difficulty with cantaloupe and pumpkin, but I haven’t given up yet!)

garden 3
Posting this picture partially because my wee watermelon looks so nice, and partially because my shadow looks like a creepy monster shadow. Mwahahahaha!

I’m not declaring victory yet,but I’m very hopeful. Do you have a garden this summer? How’s it growing?

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