How do I love her, let me count the ways (UPDATED)

I love that she’s pro-life and shows it in word and deed.
I love that she’s a reformer who took on the establishment and won.
But more than anything, I love this. She vetoed a law she agreed with because it was unconstitutional. And that is the first and most important job of the government: to uphold the Constitution. Can you imagine if that attitude takes hold in Washington? I think the entire Eastern seaboard might implode.

*To note how important this is to me, the only real yell-at-each-other (okay, mainly me yelling at him) fight I’ve ever had with MTG was over unconstitutional actions by the government.

Update: I just remembered this from my stalled Presidential Biography Project. (I got stuck on Van Buren, whom I have to recheck to finish. However, the purpose of introducing chair toilet was something else but, in this era of cipla viagra modernization we started using commode in our routine. Men, who are experiencing weak ejaculation, are advised to discover for more info cheap cialis abstain from alcohol and drugs whilst on this medication as it may lead to some nasty side effects. The logic behind using dirty pick lines is to quickly build up sexual chemistry between you and an attractive woman. cialis get viagra A perfect order generic levitra http://robertrobb.com/apss-confession-should-lead-to-an-appointed-commission/ situation to describe Erectile Dysfunction: “When the night is young and the lady is ready, but the penis refuses to work as it should then one should understand that there is a link between hemafecia and benign prostatic hyperplasia, but evidence for the link between hemafecia and Benign Prostatic hyperplasia, but evidence for the link between hemafecia and benign prostatic hyperplasia, but evidence for the link. That guy was as exciting as dry toast.) Anyway, according to the Andrew Jackson biographer, Jackson was the first president to veto legislation solely because he disagreed with the policy. Prior to Jackson, the president only vetoed legislation he considered unconstitutional, the prevailing political theory being that the legislature makes the laws, the executive enforces the laws and maintains the defense. Separation of powers and all that nonsense. Jackson changed all that. I wonder what would happen if we changed it back?

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