Homeschool Sea Change


In years past, I’ve had one or two big planning sessions where I could shut out the world, hunker down with the books and the charts and the lists, and get the major overview of our year planned. For various (and frankly unsatisfying) reasons, that hasn’t happened this year. I’ve snatched moments here, scribbled down ideas there, made about 5 charts and curriculum lists (none of which I can find at the moment), and generally gone about it in a slap-dash manner.

So I don’t have a big overview of the year down yet, but I do have the impression that this year is going to be big-D-Different. It feels different. I’m realizing a lot of things that have worked well in the past, won’t work this year. At the same time, some old challenges are no longer issues allowing for new opportunities.

The biggest difference is that Little Miss will be in high school. That means more records, more formal structure, and oddly much less teaching from me. She’s taking two on-line classes and two classes at a University model school. Most of the stuff she has at home is self-directed. My role in her education is much less teacher and more overseer/chauffeur/record keeper.
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But even with the other kids, it seems like it’s going to be a different year. We’ve been working hard with the boys on their various therapies this summer and it feels like maybe, just maybe we’re on the edge of a breakthrough with Bulldozer. (At the same time, all this extra work has shown me just how much further we need to go. Sigh.) It feels like this could be a big year for him, but all I have to go on is my instinct, so what do I know. Satchmo has developed a yeoman’s attitude toward his therapy, which is amusing. But my point is that this is not the same-old stuff that’s been going on for the past six years. I think this year will bring something new that could change a lot for the boys.

And finally, my contrarian Sprite has decided she prefers worksheets. Worksheets. Who is this child? Has she met me? Fortunately, the internet is awash in free worksheets I’ve been using for American history, and the literature base history I chose has a textbook supplement that has some textbooky features I can throw at her. We’ll see how long she lasts. (Mwahahahaha!) (She’s probably gonna love it. Contrarian.)

But even with all those things I can put my finger on, I think there’s something I’m missing. It just feels different, which isn’t a lot to go on.  It’s like when you walk outside and can feel the weather about to change. The difference is I’m  not exactly sure what’s coming: fair weather or stormy seas. I think I’ll batten down the hatches to be safe.

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