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Hey, look! It’s a statesman!

Have you forgotten what one of those looks like? Well, take a gander.

David Simpson is the Texas House Representative from Longview who sponsored the anti-groping legislation to reign in the TSA, at least in Texas. Thanks to the Republican Speaker of the House, “The Honorable” Joe Strauss, the bill was killed.

This is Mr. Simpson’s personal privilege speech after the bill failed. He is not glib. He is not the best speaker you’ll ever see. But make no mistake, Mr. Simpson is a true statesman.

(Look for updates later on the specifics of the speech, when I find the text or have more time to listen to it sans children.)

Here’s a link to the pdf of the speech. Some of the highlights (with commentary from moi!):

First, the moment that made me sit-up and say “Whoa. Can he say that? He’s a politician!”:

“Our greatest enemy is not terrorists that may lurk and destroy from time to time; our greatest enemy is ourselves. It is the seeds of anarchy and tyranny that reside in each of our own hearts that if given opportunity and left unchecked, like weeds, will overtake and destroy the garden of the rule of law. We must restrain ourselves from using the law for ourselves or our team rather than for the general welfare of our citizens.

“What I’m getting at is the idea that it is wrong to cheat, unless of course you are cheating for yourself of for the team.”

I know! What kind of politician says that, right?

Okay and then he tells this story of how the legislative clock is stopped until the Speaker calls the house in to order so that they can “follow” the House Rules. To which he replies, “We appear to be keeping the rules by stopping the clock. However, in order to appear to keep the rule, we bear false witness and break the 9th Commandment. Which is more important?”

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But he’s not done! “I am not only fed up with the TSA and its humiliation of travelers. I am also fed up with phonies–especially phony politicians who seek to take credit for legislation that they are at the same time seeking to kill.”

*cough* Strauss *cough*

And then, then he calls them out on their budget shenanigans. That part starts at about 6:00 and is too long to transcribe. (Okay, I just don’t want to.) But it is awesome and worth a listen. This is what the Tea Party is about: We are tired of politicians both Republican and Democrat telling us what we want to hear while pulling the same old bait and switch, manipulative crap.

Okay, I could retype the whole thing, but really, just listen to (or read) all of it.  The rest is talking mainly about the bill to curb the TSA’s power to feel citizens up. (Obviously an issue I feel strongly about.)  But I will quote the ending; it’ll make you stand up and cheer:

“The people of Texas should not be confused. The explanation is simple and clear. The defeat of this bill can only be laid at the feed of the leadership of this state.

However, this is a victory speech. The people in support of this bill have succeeded in shining the light on those who collaborate with the growing tyranny of our federal government.

I am grateful to my colleagues, my constituents, and the people all over this state and even the nation that Providence has used to bring this bill this far. Its defeat only propels the liberty movement in this state. The people now know that it is possible to fight back. In this sense, there was a great victory at Goliad and the Alamo. In this sense, there is a great victory today. May God help us to restore the Texas that Sam Houston fought for and governed–a Texas that will not submit to any tyranny, come from what source it may. Not to the tyranny of an out-of-control Republican or Democrat federal bureaucracy such as the TSA; and not to the subtle or overt violations of the rules of morality in its own state government. We need a Texas that will lead by example.

May God grant us another San Jacinto, first in our own hearts and families, then in our state and nation.”

h/t to my sister who texted, “Mr. Simpson just had a Jimmy Stewart moment. It was awesome.”

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