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Hey buddy, about that “Truce”

Before I begin the rant that has been building for a few months, I need to clarify a couple of things.

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  1. I am pro-life, a single issue voter (in that I won’t vote for someone who isn’t pro-life, but that doesn’t mean that just being pro-life gets you my vote), an activist, a die-hard. Abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and health care rationing the most important political issues for me. They are deal breakers.
  2. From my vantage point in the cheap seats, the Tea Parties and the energy behind them have very little, if anything at all, to do with so-called social issues. People didn’t start gathering at rallies across the country because they suddenly realized that over 50 million children have been killed in America by abortion. No, they were pissed off that the government went on some sort of drunken spending spree and started treating the Constitution like some sort of Mad Libs: insert your own made up “right” in the blank and think of a really large amount of money to spend on it.
  3. This is a rant. It is a rant about abortion and politicians, which means there will be graphic descriptions of baby-killing and blunt assessments of politicians using language not necessarily approved by my mother. It will be long and meandering. Feel free to stop reading at any time. 
Let us begin.

I went to the Dallas Tea Party on April 15, 2009. It was about the fiscal madness and the take over of everything from car companies to health care. I’m not saying there weren’t social conservatives in attendance or even that social issues weren’t addressed, but it wasn’t the focus. This was the focus. Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse.
That being said, to Mssrs. Daniels, Barbour, Ryan, and any other jackass who think pro-lifers will roll over and play dead: bite me. Calling a “truce” on abortion, doesn’t mean babies stop dying. It just means nobody talks about it and those trouble-making pro-lifers are safely tucked in a back room where they can’t cause problems. Not gonna happen.
I get that the financial crisis facing our country is the priority. A real priority, not like Obama’s “finding matching socks is a top priority” priority. I want the spend thrift statists to be thrown out on their butts. I want responsible people to beat the government beast back into its cage and shrink that cage considerably. It is urgent. It is a crisis. It is the top priority.
Moreover, politician whom I trust as far as I can throw, I want you to act like it’s the most important thing facing our country. I want you to believe that it’s more important even than the Republican party gaining and keeping power. The future of our country is at stake and I don’t give a rat’s ass about the GOP. If the Republican party is a useful tool to save the country, great. If it’s just a collection of power hungry idiots “not wasting a crisis” in order to regain the position they very recently squandered, I hope it rots.
I have a sneaking suspicion that this phony “truce” talk isn’t about solving the crisis, it’s about the GOP attempts to gain political power. It’s an opportunity to shut pro-lifers up while keeping them safely in the fold. “We’re in a crisis and everyone wants it to be solved as soon as possible, so sit down, shut up and let the grown-ups drive.” HA! Let’s ignore the GOPs own culpability in the current economic conundrum. We’re not going to let you use the financial crisis, the anger and frustration of the American people, and the need for quick and decisive action to save the Constitutional Republic to shove the pro-life movement and other social conservatives to the back of the bus.
I know that politicians, even pro-life politicians, aren’t all that fond of right to life activist. I get that pro-lifers make you uncomfortable. We aren’t stylish and glib. We talk of the deaths of over 50 million children, of gruesome things like the partial birth abortion procedure, and of women wounded and discarded. And really, all you want is our money, our votes and our membership lists. Tough.
You say “Truce.” I hear, “In the name of collegiality, we’re going to confirm radically pro-abortion judges without a word.” The Supreme Court has defined the battleground for all abortion battles since 1973. With one “Listen to your Masters” decision, they can wipe out all the legislative ground we’ve gained. We will have no truce.
You say, “Back down on social issues.” I hear, “We’re going to make a ‘compromise’ that lets us hide behind soothing words while giving the abortion industry free reign and tax dollars, to boot.” We won’t back down.
You say, “Rally around the tallest pole in our tent.” I hear “Republican leaders will actively recruit liberal  candidates in blue states, despite the existence of more conservative candidates, for the purposes of ‘building the party.’” You can shove your tent pole where the sun don’t shine.
By the way, how did Specter and Jeffords work out for you? How about Snowe? This is the thing that cracks me up: “We have to reach out to moderates to address this crisis, we can’t let issues like abortion stand in the way.” Let’s look at that, shall we? 1.) It was the “moderates” who enabled the lefties to pass their ginormous spending bills in the first place. You’re working with the guilty, why don’t you use their guilt to encourage their participation in the cure, rather than buying their help with our silence? 2.) If they truly realize it’s a crisis and they are decent human beings, then they will do the right thing about the fiscal situation, even while disagreeing on the social issues.
Or you group of morons can keep playing beer pong with our country’s future.
Frankly, “pro-life politicians,” you pansies, the Right to Life movement has made life too easy for you the past few years. We’ve handed you easy vote after easy vote, all the while doing the yeoman’s work of moving public opinion to the pro-life position. All you had to do was stand there and look smart. Granted, that’s harder for some than others. We can’t do everything for you.
A rundown of a few major pro-life votes from the past few years:
  • The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. Really. You had to say it was wrong to partially deliver a baby, stick a sharp instrument in the back of the neck and suck her brains out. That was a difficult stance for you? No, it wasn’t. You gladly used PBA against radical pro-abortion opponents and to burnish your bona fides among pro-lifers.
  • The Unborn Victims of Violence Act. If an unborn child is killed in the commission of a crime, an unborn child has been killed in the commission of a crime. Grieving mothers and families who want recognition that someone real, someone precious to them has been killed. Man, the hard positions the pro-life movement asks you to take.
  • The Born Alive Infants Protection Act. A baby is born. He is no longer “part of his mother.” He is a “person” who is alive. You take care of the baby! Of all the “No, duh!” bills in the world, this is seven of them. Unless of course, you’re Barack Obama.
Even the “hard” issues like embryonic stem cell research funding shouldn’t have been that hard for anyone with half a backbone. Many people find the creation of life for the sole purpose of experimenting and destroying that life reprehensible. At minimum, we shouldn’t force people to fund life destroying research through their taxes money. Furthermore, from a fiscal responsible position, we should focus on funding research that shows the most promise, like adult stem cell research.   Grow a spine, like unborn children do at 5 weeks after conception.
I realize that we through you for a loop with the whole “health care rationing is a pro-life issue.” After all, it does require a basic understanding of the effects of government regulation on economies, and our current situation clearly demonstrates this is a difficult concept for you. I’ll try to dumb it way down for you. The board book version of health care rationing:
  • Price controls = rationing. Also known as restrictions on how much of a good or service an individual may obtain. (Gov’t controlled health care sets prices & availability for health care = price controls.)
  • Rationing harms those who have less more than it harms those who have more. Those who have less health–the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill—will be disproportionately hurt and killed by health care rationing.
  • Ergo, health care votes are legitimate concerns for pro-lifers.  Shut up, we’re scoring it.

Oh yes, the Right to Life movement scores legislation, sends out voters guide, organizes and educates at the local, state and federal level, and uses its considerable power to advance the pro-life agenda. We equip citizens to lobby politicians effectively, engage their neighbors, mobilize churches and the rebut the media. We educate and send youth out into high schools and colleges to be advocates for life, thereby reproducing ourselves and ensuring that the movement won’t die until it’s not needed. And we’ve been doing it for 40 years. We don’t sit down and shut up, we kick ass and take names. Deal with it.
Our nation is obviously in new territory, not only with the crisis it faces, but also with the sheer number of Americans educating themselves and getting involved in the political process. This is an amazing development that I hope bears lots of juicy fruit. However, the Tea Parties are little more than a year old and filled with many rookies (Yay to rookies! Come on in the water’s fine! Stay in and get pruney with the rest of us!) The Right to Life Movement has been in existence for more than 40 years. The Virginia Society for Human Life, the nation’s first single issue pro-life group, was formed in 1967. That’s a long time being the underdog dealing body blows to the culture of death.
Right now, the Tea Party has energy and momentum, and their opponents are disorganized and disoriented. That won’t last. There will be one good election (please God), then the fight begins in earnest. The Tea Party Movement might learn a thing or two from a 40 year old movement for the long, hard fight ahead.
  • The Right to Life Movement has been through the excitement and energy of the “Let’s organize and get this fixed with the next election!” That was almost 40 years ago.
  • The Right to Life Movement has been on the ropes with pro-abortion politicians and judges pushing the bounds of abortion, with the abortion rate topping out at over 1,600,000 babies killed per year in this county. That number was reached in the early 90s.
  • The Right to Life Movement has been the darling of every conservative group, the talk of all the pastors and the subject of many truly horrible songs, poems and “literature.” That was the 80s.
  • The Right to Life Movement is very familiar with a hostile media and popular culture. It knows what it means to be vilified and misrepresented, and how to get its message out in that hostile environment. It understands the schizophrenia of a culture that celebrates first sonograms while simultaneously talking about “blobs of tissue” and “products of conception.”
But after 40 years, more people identify themselves as opposed to abortion than not. The abortion rate is declining. Lives are being saved. Maybe the Tea Party should listen to the group fighting the long fight against the establishment rather than the politicians seeking to consolidate power for their party.
Is the Right to Life Movement faultless? No, being composed of human beings, obviously it isn’t. Have mistakes been made? Sure. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a movement (not an organization or an individual) in recent years that has had the impact and staying power of pro-lifers.
One more thing. The pro-life movement is composed mostly of women. From the woman running the email list and get out the vote at the local county, to the organization behind the national conventions, the fuel of the pro-life movement is female. That isn’t to say men aren’t a critical and welcome part of the pro-life movement, but women are definitely more than half of the numbers and oomph. You keep talking this “truce” nonsense and you will be responsible for waking the Mother of all “Mama Grizzlies.” You alone are responsible for the ass kicking you are about to receive.

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