He speaks!

Today I am thankful, so thankful, that after 5 months of speech therapy, Satchmo–the almost three year old–finally decided to speak to his speech therapist.

*Aside: Why is speak “ea” and speech “ee”? It makes no sense.

Anyway, since June Satchmo has toddled back once a week to play with Miss Elissa for 30 minutes. Originally, he wouldn’t engage with her at all. Slowly, he’s been more and more interactive, but no actual words. Last week he panted at her, being a puppy one of his favorite past times and all.

Lately, he’s been talking up a storm for us. We’ve been coaching him every week. “We’re going to see Miss Elissa! Can you say ‘Miss Elissa’? Can you say ‘Hi!’?” Every. If you are in good viagra samples no prescription health, then 100mg Zenegra tablets can be perfect to give desired results. Pressure on the sufferer must tadalafil pharmacy online be avoided at any cost. Our daily habits sildenafil discount and lifestyle always has a profound effect on impotent man. Thus if you are having no control over alcohol intake or smoking then there is no need to worry at all slovak-republic.org cialis generic overnight because these pills have no side effects. Stinking. Week.

Last week, semi-success. He said “thank you” as we were leaving.

This week, the flood gates opened and he chatted away merrily. Until he couldn’t make himself understood and shut down. But he opened back up before the session was over.

Things should go much better in speech when the patient actually speaks.

One response to “He speaks!”

  1. Dana Avatar

    How wonderful!

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