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This is why I’m going to the Tea Party Protest:

“Fiscal rescue” now approaches the value last years gross domestic product: $12.8 trillion ($12,800,000,000,000). Last year’s GDP was $14.9 trillion ($14,200,000,000,000). Meaning the government has “spent, lent or committed” the almost as much as our entire economy produced last year. (Anytime you hear X trillion dollars, visual every single one of those twelve zeros.)

Gulp, again. But wait, there’s more!

Remember that $700 billion ($700,000,000,000) in TARP money from last fall and this January? The first chunk off the glacier? Well, quadruple that, plus some and get the $2.9 trillion ($2,900,000,000,00) that we’re actually on the hook for.

This is what $1,000,000,000,000 looks like in $100 bills. Hence Ayurveda acharyas ordering viagra online recommend use of “masha” in many health conditions. ED is curable cialis generic overnight irrespective of age. It is important to have a stable sexual life for both men and women because emotional order cialis from canada factors affect sex life. If you have not heard about the pharmaceutical product, for the first time, viagra samples for sale was introduced as the tablets. Okay, now multiply that by 13 and you have what the rescue money to date. Because you know they aren’t through “stimulating” yet.

Wanna know why Angela Merkle the German chancellor is thumbing her nose at the global stimulus talk? The German’s have already seen a trillion mark note. I seem to recall that didn’t end well for anybody.

I wish the government would stop helping now. We can’t afford it.

2 responses to “Gulp!”

  1. B Avatar

    You could also send a tea bag to Congress: http://www.discountbookdistributors.com/teabag.aspx

  2. April Avatar

    I could, but it’s kind of passive and I want to be yelling with a bunch of people.

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