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Groundhogs and Armadillos

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It’s Groundhog Day in most of the United States and Armadillo Day in Texas. Of course.  Bee Cave Bob, Texas’ prognosticator, likes to sleep in, and we won’t know if we’ll have an early spring till 12:30. At least it’s not high noon; that would really put a damper on the whole shadow-based holiday. Call me a purist, but I prefer the traditional furry rodent over the scaley, potentially leprous beastie. 

My own Groundhog Day celebrations generally include eating sausage and watching the eponymous movie, which is one of my favorites. (You can buy or rent it here.) Alas, we have Thing To Do and won’t be home until late, so we’ll have to celebrate tomorrow.  That seems somehow appropriate.


Groundhog Day is one of my favorite holidays, and it gets far less recognition than it does. Celebrate with me!
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In addition to the sausage and the movie, I love reading Jonah Goldberg’s classic column on the movie every year.  Who knew this goofy movie was so deep? National Review also has a ton of Groundhog Day-related links today. Who knows, maybe they’re the same links every year? That also would be appropriate.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this holiday would be to do the same thing we always do but make an effort to learn something new about ourselves and the world. And eat sausage. 

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone. Enjoy your day. Again.

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