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Grammar personalities

One of the benefits of being a homeschool mom is all the wonderful things you learn anew through teaching your children. Although grammar and writing have always been my strengths,  I’ve learned things I never would have discovered in the process of teaching my children.

For example, the future perfect tense is the parent’s tense: “You will clean your room before you play video games.”

Because the actor is often missing in the passive voice, it is the sentence structure of choice for politicians: “Mistakes were made.” “Laws were broken.” “Prostitutes were hired.”

Teenagers are also The People of the Fragment: Parent “Where are you going?” Kid: “Out.” “With whom are you going?” “Friends.” “Did you finish your grammar?” “No.” (Okay, that’s technically not a fragment.)

Geeks are the founders of the Abbreviation Cult, which has spread its influence to all people: IDK, LOL, JK, etc., etc., etc.

Toddlers are masters of interjections: “No!” “Want!” “Mine!”

Whiny people love their questions. “Whyyyy do I have to?” “Where are my shoes?” “When’s dinner?” “I have to wait how long?”
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Personally, I like an Imperatives Person. “You will tell me what grammar personality traits you can think of in the comments!”

I think you’ll find there are alot.

To learn more about the wonderful alot visit Hyperbole and a Half.




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