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Goodbye & Good Riddance

The general consensus seems to be that 2010 was, very possibly, the Worst. Year. Ever.  Or at least in the top ten. In case the passing of time has blurred your memory, I give you Dave Barry’s Year in Review.  Do me a favor, go read it some place public like a coffee shop.  Your stifled snorts will provide amusement for everyone. After a year like 2010, everybody could use some entertainment.

So we’re done with the old, looking forward to the new.  But here’s some advice, shamelessly stolen from Abraham Piper’s blog Twenty Two Words:

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Here’s to survival!

2 responses to “Goodbye & Good Riddance”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    LOL! Well, all we conservatives are feeling this way, aren't we?

  2. April Avatar

    You know, I have friends on the left who don't think this was a great year politically, either. Their great hope turned out to be just another politician, and a rather inept one at that.
    And left, right, & center all suffered from the economy. In fact, "2010 was teh suck" is probably the one issue that can get true political consensus.

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