Good things come to those who ask

So a guy at with an energy company is doing his door-to-door “sign up for a really good deal” schtick. We get some information, enough to know that it’s better than what we got now. But we don’t like to make instant decisions. So we ask him to come back in about 45 minutes (before I had to leave for a meeting, he didn’t. But I digress.)

MTG and I talk about it and decide to call our current energy providers to see if they can match or beat it. The lady was not an overly enthusiastic salesperson, constantly reminding me of the charges I can occur by daring to pay to a live person. Um, yeah. This component is said to be quite essential and also very important is because this makes the blood flow in the body, buy viagra without consultation being one of the most important libido enhancer remedies for women. The medicine market which was previously considered essential has only recently seen increased competition for consumer attention. order levitra It improves stamina, power, libido acheter viagra pfizer and energy levels considerably. Even some of the drug stores are glad wholesale viagra from canada to be your online pharmacy supplier. I do pay electronically. I don’t plan on paying my bill right now. Really? $5.95 for calling in to pay? Ouch! (On a side note, does it make you feel good or bad if someone has to pay $5.95 just to talk to you?)

Anyway, she gives me a comparable, but not great offer. When I tell her that I will call back later with our decision, she suddenly finds a new and better deal. Much better. So with one short phone call, we’re saving 25% on our electricity rate. And with a fixed rate, we’ll save even more this summer.

So when the experts say “Call and ask for a better rate.” Do it, all they can say is no.

3 responses to “Good things come to those who ask”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Yeah, unless you live on an island with only one electricity provider who charges the highest rates in the nation…

    By the way, the word verification for this comment is “gonsick”. It is strangely apropos.

  2. Max Weismann Avatar
    Max Weismann

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  3. April Avatar

    Bummer, Anne. Everything’s more expensive there. But you get the pretty!

    Psst, Max. Go away and don’t come back.

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