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GFCF Day 2: The chicken nugget challenge

Today, I have had an epiphany about gfcf food- bread in particular. (Perhaps I should have kept this moment until next Wednesday, AKA the Feast of Epiphany. But I didn’t. Pthhh!)

Anyway, my epiphany. First, I need to start with stuff that we’re familiar with that is already close to gluten free. Save the fancy stuff for when I have some idea of what I’m doing. Second, gluten free bread isn’t going to taste, feel, smell like wheat bread no matter what I try. Trying to mimic that wondrous stuff–especially when the memory of it so very fresh in my taste buds–is an exercise in futility. For example, I may try GFCF mac and cheese 5 months from now, when it is but a vague shadow in my children’s gastronomical memory, but right now it would fall flat.

I also know we need some good basics to fall back on. Like chicken nuggets. So today I did a three-nugget-taste-test.

The first was this easy, peasy recipe. Seriously. This is beautifully easy and quite yummy.

The second and third are here, also good but more involved. (Not hard, just more work.) I did both the baked and fried, with the cornmeal. This is by far the more involved process, but that’s why I had children: so they can get their fingers messy dipping chicken in three mixtures. (Little Miss wasn’t too thrilled but the Sprite loved it.)

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The second mixture was also good. The fried was (obviously) much better. The baked was okay, but nothing to take to the fair. MTG’s gonna coat it in hot sauce and make himself some buffalo wings. Yum.

We like the second better as plain old nuggets, which figures since it requires more work. But I can make a batch and freeze them, too.

The nuggets were successful. The zuchinni muffins? Not so much. I used the Arrowhead Mills baking mix and altered the banana bread recipe on the box. (I also forgot the cinnamon until the first batch was in the oven.) It was just wrong. Little Miss thought I used cornmeal. The texture was all wrong, and of course, the smell. The only one who liked it wholeheartedly was Satchmo. The Bulldozer and MTG tolerated it. Sprite ate the cinnamon muffins. Little Miss and I were not impressed.

Another day down, another lesson learned. What will tomorrow bring?

3 responses to “GFCF Day 2: The chicken nugget challenge”

  1. Suzi Avatar

    I am so impressed with your work to make your family safer and healthier. I know it is hard. My challenge was different and I gave up. Good for you!

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Suzi. This is only early on the third day. There's still time for me to give up and run away to Fiji. ;)I trust the Lord will protect my family from that, though.

  3. Christy in Seattle Avatar
    Christy in Seattle

    right now, I'm not doing any carbs other than those in fruits and veggies … but I did discover that baking diced, skinless chicken breast on top of a few drops of MCT oil in a cast iron skillet at 375˚ turned halfway through cooking so both sides brown. It gives me a good taste, not quite fried, not quite breaded, but satisfying, nonetheless.

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