Funny kid, real funny

Today was Satchmo’s 2nd speech session after his initial evaluation. He said nothing last week, but we figured he was just a little shy. This week, he also said nothing. He did his usual pointing and the new squeaking his added to his repertoire, which is really annoying.

Now, Satchmo has speech delays. His vocabulary is limited and his articulation is poor, but he speak. Not much, and not when it would be helpful, but still, he does speak. When I buy lavender-scented litter for a cat I don’t have or Disney-decorated, disposable diapers for my dog, I’ll be a believer. donssite.com order cialis online Kama sutra contrary to popular perception is not porn (nope not joking). in stock cialis properien free cheap viagra It is simple to understand that due to exercise, the extra deposit of glucose in the bloody will decrease. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that there some online pharmacies which can be safe alternative when it comes to buying prescription medication like Kamagra, you need to practice some caution. generic levitra Just not for therapist trying to help him.

Anyway, after not speaking for half an hour, we left and went to a park to have lunch. Now, one thing Satchmo does say is animal sounds. The park has a pond and the pond has ducks and Satchmo was off to the races. He also tried to follow the ducks into the pond which was another level of excitement.

For half an hour, we heard, “Duck! Quack, quack, quack.” Then when MTG got home, Satchmo has to tell Daddy all about “Duck! Quack, quack, quack.” And also, “I go up!” and “Again up!” There was also, “Go down!” and the fun growly vocalizations that got him labeled Satchmo in the first place. He was a veritable chatterbox tonight. Smart aleck.

One of the comments from his therapist today was, “Well, he is two and he’s going to do things when he wants to.” Yeah, I’m thinking it’s not gonna stop with two.

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