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Fun with numbers

This week is scout day camp week, where I’m going with the boys and MTG is volunteering at the girl’s camp. Yeah, go with it. I’m also getting ready to leave for an extended stay at my parents. What I’m saying is don’t expect much meat. In fact, just consider this random thoughts blogging week.

And my first random thought has to do with this report that homeschooling is growing seven times faster than public school growth.  Which sounds awesome, but may not be as dramatic as it sounds. (I can’t find the source study, and I frankly don’t have time to delve into the numbers is I did find it.)

If, in a group of 100 children, 2 homeschool this year and 2 more homeschool next year, they’ve had a growth rate of 100%, but public school kids account for 96%. And if you have 100 public school kids this year and 110 next, they’ve only grown by 10%, but still have had more kids start public schooling than the 100% growth rate in homeschooling.
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I think it’s great that homeschooling is becoming more prevalent. Heck, it’s become so commonplace that merely homeschooling no longer makes us weird, we have to work for that title now. And we do. I do notice the new quote on percentage of homeschoolers is 4% instead of 2% of school-age children. That’s a pretty impressive increase, but we’re not quite ready to take over the world. Yet.


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