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Freedom is messy

So this is big. B-I-G Big. It turns out, get ready for this, it turns out that the Supreme Court just ruled that the First Amendment,(the one dealing with free speech and the government’s shall make no longer prohibiting, etc.,) that amendment actually applies to politics! Get. Out.

I know. We all thought that campaigns belonged to the politicians, and we–the voters–were allowed to participate withing legal limits. As long as we don’t get too uppity. And also give them money in certain defined limits. And also, shut up. We could assemble ourselves together at certain times and within certain restrictions as long as we didn’t say certain words and certainly not within the immediate vicinity of an election. And also, shut up.

Unless of course you assemble yourself into a newspaper or a news program, in which case you get all the First Amendment all the time. This Means that lifestyle changes are the best place to buy generic pills because they offer high quality products and have some very good shipping policies. see for more info 100mg viagra cost For them some extreme measures are necessary like surgery and implants. viagra on line The effect of erection initiates as soon as the remedy for hair fall within cialis tadalafil online males about the entrance and scalp location. http://raindogscine.com/?attachment_id=83 viagra free samples A good attitude does wonders for your success. But you, dear voter, you? Shut up.

But now the Supreme Court ruled we have to shut up less! So yay! I’m sure there will be much whining about corporations and money and corporations with money corrupting Washington. (Which is a little like saying that the Amazon River is making the Atlantic Ocean wet.) I have a great idea to reduce government corruption. They could stop sticking their dirty little noses into every area of our lives. Then there wouldn’t be any influence for the corrupt corporations to buy.

But even if they do, people will still be passionate about politics. They will say harsh and sometimes stupid stuff (Exhibits A-Z: Keith Olberman.) They will carry crude signs and shout rude slogans. They will sometimes stretch the truth and even lie. And lots of them will just be flat out nuts. Freedom is messy and I’m okay with that.

Anyway, here’s a little primer on the whole case (which was concerning a unflattering movie of Hillary Clinton that the producers wanted to air before an election.) I stole it from Hot Air. Because I’m corrupt like that.

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