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Four generations

This year my family will attend the National Right to Life Convention in Dallas, my daughters will attend the Teens for Life Convention. They are the fourth generation of pro-life activists in my family. When I was ten, my mother and grandmother started a crisis pregnancy center in my hometown, a center they still run. I became a pro-life activist in college and afterward worked in the pro-life movement. Now my daughters are stepping into the movement that started before I was born.

While it is wonderful to see my daughters and other young people speak for life, it is heartbreaking that after 40 years, we’re still fighting for the rights of the unborn.



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Americans are becoming more pro-life.Despite the incessant pop culture message that abortion is nothing but a personal choice and a news media that refuses to honestly cover abortion and tries to ignore horrors like Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors, people are waking up. But the fact that we have been at this for 40 years tells us the work isn’t done and laborers are needed. And there are so many ways you can speak for life. In addition to people volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers or working to promote pro-life legislation and defeat pro-abortion laws, we need an informed pro-life public. In fact, just being educated and able to answer a friend in a crisis pregnancy, or talk to a co-worker who has questions goes a long way to promoting life.

So if you’re in theDallas-Fort Worth area or think you can get here, consider coming to the National Right to Life Convention June 27-29. You’ll hear inspiring speakers like Ryan Bomberger and Reggie Littlejohn. You’ll get practical advice and tons of information on how to answer challenges to the pro-life message. And most importantly, you’ll meet hundreds of other pro-lifers — from those who have been there from the beginning to those experiencing their first convention — and realize that after 40 years, we have not wavered and we haven’t given up hope. See you there!

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