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I’ve been wanting to “green” my cleaning, so I’ve been searching for recipes for various cleaning products. (Yes, you can buy eco-friendly products, but I’m also notoriously cheap. Er, frugal. So there’s that.)

Coincidentally, the Deputy Headmistress posted updates to this laundry soap recipe. Pretty basic: fels-naptha, borax, washing soda. Check, check, not check. I could not find washing soda anywhere, either in my area or on the web. My first few googles turned up cases of washing soda, but I’m not that ambitious. And since Arm & Hammer now has their own laundry detergent, they probably aren’t pushing their plain washing soda to the average retailer.

Finally, I hit upon the right combination of search terms and found Soaps Gone Buy. So I ordered some washing soda, castile soap & Soilove Laundry Treatment.
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Also, this 6 essential oil sampler set just dropped in price from $27 and change to $18.50.

I’m also going to attempt this dishwasher soap. It is also supposed to be a good scrubbing cleanser along the lines of Comet or Bon Ami. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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